Franz Ferdinand, Roundhouse, London, 15 March 2014

From walking on to the stage while playing ‘Bullet’, Franz Ferdinand dominated the high, wide and handsome space of the Roundhouse.
Tight sound, variety, peaks, ‘Fresh Strawberries’ and other thoughtful moments leading to ‘Take Me Out’ and ‘This Fire’ in particular setting the audience alight. The projected backdrop of angular buildings, the patchwork?! suits and the edgy movements of Alex Kapranos complement the music, a brilliant hybrid of early Talking Heads and Orange Juice with an added edge of bitterness for the 21st century. A generous encore rounded off the night, unfortunately not playing my favourite FF song ‘Jacqueline’, but that is a minor criticism….
(Must not forget the short and engaging set from support band The Bohicas, indie power pop with a heavy undercurrent, check out the song ‘XXX’…..)


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