The Weebles : In Your Corner (Charity single), released February 2018

The sport of boxing is featured in many songs, from the reflective ‘Boxers’ by Morrissey, the cryptic Simon and Garfunkel ‘The Boxer’ and the injustices of ‘Hurricane’, one of my very favourite Bob Dylan tracks. The aspirational metaphors and phrases around the sport provide the lyrical substance of ‘In Your Corner’; a new charity single by The Weebles, a collective of Cambridge musicians co-ordinated by singer/songwriter Gavin Chappell-Bates.

Gavin has written this fund-raising single with and for Iain MacIntosh who was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2008 and is overcoming constant adversity to live an independent life. Although Gavin has used his own vocal talents on similar upbeat songs in his own work, the lead is taken here by Freddie Hall, a respected interpreter of soul and blues classics and a frequent performer around the Cambridge area. He certainly rises to the occasion and adds some heft to this uplifting Motown-style stomp.
It is all here; a drum beat opening, funky guitar (especially the solo from Neil Bruce), sparkling bass from Charlie Howell, punctuated with plenty of saxophone and brass punching throughout the song. All of the sporting/fighting back/determination references are included in this concise lyric and there is a neat middle-eight too.

Characters from the ‘Rocky’ movies are listed at the end but the key message of ‘…you’re always in my corner…you always pick me up again…’ emphasises the supportive nature of this musical enterprise and worthy cause.
For interview / image / MP3 requests please contact / 07792 647760


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