Toria Wooff : Drako, EP released 2017

Toria Wooff is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who describes herself as having ‘….a 70s black magic folk influence and spider fingerpicking style…’. That is an excellent description of these four self-penned and carefully crafted tracks, delivered with intensity and feeling.

The opening track describes ‘Drako’, a malevolent presence who ‘…turns the tides just to watch you drown….grows the trees just to watch them fall down…’ set to some relentless guitar picking with added slide and an acoustic bass. ‘Author Song’ is slower with satisfyingly complex guitar and Toria giving her voice full rein including some of her distinctive sliding phrasing.

‘June’ is a hypnotic delight, with electric counter-melody intermittently weaving around the unstoppable waltz rhythm and Toria’s intimate storytelling vocal performance.
The ode to ‘James Edward’ is probably the most impassioned singing on display here; a soulful and ethereal ballad that balances delicate guitar figures with a timeless folk-lyric that drifts away into the far distance….


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