28 Boulevard, Portland Arms, Cambridge, 19 July 2014

A hot Cambridge evening for a bill of 4 varied bands at the Portland, the common link being loud indie-ish rock rather than mellow introspection. I only caught the end of the set from opening band Rubber Duck, but as that featured a belting cover of ‘Seven Nation Army’ that seemed to be a good omen for the evening.

Preacher’s Son
from Dublin is a rock trio led by bass player and singer Brian Hogan who has been around on the Irish music scene in various incarnations for many years. They are on a short tour of the UK, pleased to be in the presence of the music loving audience of the Portland. They are taut and confident, excellent sound quality and musicianship. A hybrid of Thin Lizzy and The Fratellis?

Cambridge four piece Motor Tapes go from strength to strength, concentrating tonight on their faster, rockier songs. Frontman Paul is relaxed and likeable in front of the enthusiastic audience who are appreciative of the carefully crafted original sounds on offer. These include the excellent, hypnotic ‘Shore’ and ‘Aspirin’, the lively closing song. Their cover of ‘Blue Monday’ gradually appears from the instrumental end of their own song, and with limited use of electronic sounds it is a very convincing performance with metronomic drumming and an aggressive bass tune line on the guitar.

The final act was 28 Boulevard, brash swaggering indie pop, enthusiastic and loud. The five members are obviously committed to their music, powerful drumming backs up the three guitar soundwall and Tim Lloyd Kinnings can deliver the lead vocal with confidence. Their songs are brimming with ideas instrumentally and lyrically and the live sound lived up to expectations, a good end to the evening…
(PS Check out their song ‘Electric Feet’…)



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