Such Small Hands : The Deep, released October 2016

Such Small Hands is the performing name of Brighton musician Melanie Howard.
This is a double release of single and EP titled ‘In Your Most Fragile Gestures Are Things Which Enclose Me’, a reference from the poet e.e.cummings, as is ‘such small hands’ from the same poem. This is a minimalist gem, slipping through the net on release but finally reaching my review site.

Opening with ‘The Deep’, a subtle concoction of delicate voice and sparse keyboard backing, the sounds processed to make them appear as they have indeed travelled through many fathoms of water. Gentle percussive patterns introduce ‘Legs’, even sparser musically but with a more natural sound to the vocal. ‘Ghost’ has as near as we get to a catchy chorus line, then ‘Hello’ sounds ethereal and a bit sinister. ‘Psycho’ is an intriguing mix of elements from what has come before with some busy percussion and the most up-front vocal so far. ‘Rachel’ is plaintive and melodic with simple guitar lines and ‘Ominous’ has a similar style.

It is all relaxing, mysterious and irresistible….


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