The Paranoyds : Pet Cemetery, single released November 2020

At last a new single from Los Angeles four-piece The Paranoyds; a previous version was recorded during the sessions for their debut long player (reviewed here), but as a staple crowd-pleaser of their live shows it finally has an official release.

With a knowing nod to the unusually spelled Stephen King novel title and a carefully constructed comedy-horror model for the cover artwork, it is all mischief and frolics in amongst the doomy headstone chords and noise.

It starts off with a walking zombie pace introduction featuring searing guitar, martial drumming and a reassuring thundering bass figure before the double voices quickly conclude that ‘…lets get buried…’ is the loving answer in this gothic reanimated relationship. After all, ‘…when we come back love’s twice as strong….’

The guitar explosively follows its own course and battles with powerhouse drums and an organ that takes on the twisted grandeur of a Hammer Horror film soundtrack, before it all ends up in a pile-up in the last few bars. It is all good fun and is a contrasting heavy track to accompany the quartet’s other fastpunk recordings.

The Paranoyds (

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