The Wedding Present & Friends : Not From Where I’m Standing, LP released 4 December 2020

A compilation of cover versions of James Bond film themes, with all the artists connected in some way to punk-pop legends The Wedding Present, raising money for charity The Campaign Against Living Miserably (see link below).

1. James Bond Theme – The Sleazoids. Amiable workout of that most recognizable entry theme for a film character, a flute adds to the feedback and fuzz before the distinctive final chord.

2. You Only Live Twice – The Wedding Present. One of the finest melodies, interweaved with that distinctive John Barry counterpoint figure. David Gedge delivers the words with relaxed gravitas.

3. Goldfinger – Simone White. The bombast of the original is stripped away for a beguiling vocal over a guitar that emphasises all the beauty of the jazzy chords.

4. Goldeneye – Follow The Moths. A lesser theme to start with but full of sinister intrigue building up to the big chorus.

5. The Man With The Golden Gun – Jetstream Pony. One of my favourites of the collection, pacy and punchy with time for a dreamy interlude in the two minutes.

6. Live And Let Die – The Donalds. The highly regarded multi-sectioned source material is treated with fun and reverence, the semi-spoken vocal imbues some tongue in cheek drama.

7. The World Is Not Enough – Maria Scaroni. This torch song lends itself to the 1920s Berlin nightclub atmosphere and the piano and sensuous voice sound like they are in the room with you.

8. Diamonds Are Forever – Cinerama. Full of atmosphere, emphasising the stealthy smooth melodic allure.

9. Tomorrow Never Dies – Danielle Wadey & Charles Layton. Another favourite of mine, with the descending echoing piano intro and arpeggios, full Spector-ish chorus and soaring but vulnerable vocal. Sensational.

10. All Time High – Minitel. Experimental electronica which builds layers of complexity, the song is in there somewhere (but at the time it was never the most memorable?)

11. Nobody Does It Better – Samuel Beer-Pearce. Slowed down version with sliding acapella harmonies turn this into a late night interlude.

12. For Your Eyes Only – Klee. Developing the 80s synth tones of the original, this is a sensuous, immersive electronic journey driven by a strong vocal performance.

13. Thunderball – The Legendary Len Liggins. Spiky guitar and super deep bass underpins this summation of the Bond character before Len deconstructs the myth in a surprise spoken passage…

14. Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Sleeper featuring David Lewis Gedge. The proposed theme for Thunderball but then instead used in the film soundtrack, it is full of energy with great lines ‘…like a shark he looks for trouble ..that’s why the zeroes double…’

15. From Russia With Love – Graeme Ramsay. Languorous and echoing, dark and sinister, this is another melodic highlight from the Bond canon.

16. View To A Kill – Terry de Castro. Sixties retro vibe with lounge music overtones gives subtle drama to one of the most commercially successful themes.

17. Die Another Day – The Ukrainians. The band are supreme masters of unexpected covers and as usual this one has all of their excellent musical trademarks. And it speeds up halfway through too….

18. Skyfall – Such Small Hands. The award winning original is turned inside out with hypnotic electronics, percussion and keys and a brilliant, haunting vocal.

19. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Shaun Charman. John Barry’s descending bass sequence sounds as foreboding as ever, with a classy guitar solo over the top in this cinematic instrumental.

20. We Have All The Time In The World – David Lewis Gedge. As in the film, appearing at the finale and here sounding especially poignant with an unadorned classical piano accompaniment. A fitting end to this rich mix. | Scopitones, the official home of The Wedding Present and Cinerama

CALM Homepage – Campaign Against Living Miserably | CALM, the campaign against living miserably, is a charity dedicated to preventing male suicide, the biggest single killer of men aged 20-45 in the UK (


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