The Centimes, Blue Moon, Cambridge, 5 April 2014

The first band night at the recently refurbished Blue Moon, Norfolk Street, Cambridge. I have seen many performers at this venue in its previous incarnation and it is great news that the music has returned (and the beer has improved). It may be an idea to bring back a stage too…

Elephants and Castles from London (of course), two guitarists with varying styles and drums triggering other effects. They were confident, helped by good sound quality and affable engagement with the audience. Difficult to categorise, they played their own songs such as ‘Love on The Rocks’ about a forlorn affair and a jaunty cover of Electronic’s ‘Getting Away With It’ from 1989. The final song about the suicide of footballer Justin Fashanu was a challenging choice to end the set and brought the mood down just a bit….?

The Centimes, a three piece Cambridge-based band with drums, bass and a memorable turquoise 12-string electric guitar. This may automatically mean a sound reminiscent of The Byrds, but I heard Saint Etienne and Velvet Underground in there too, that’s a good combination. They rocked out on later songs but unfortunately the sound quality and mix was not great (no time for a soundcheck…) and the vocal subtleties were lost, which was a shame as the two female and one male voice combined well. The CD single (stylishly looking the same as vinyl?) ‘Local Pool/I’m Fine’ showcases the voices to good effect. A band to see again I think…


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