Charmpit : Cause a Stir, LP released April 2020

After single releases and sparkling live shows since 2017, ‘Cause a Stir’, the long awaited album from London-based indiepop quartet Charmpit finally arrives.

Celebratory and self-referential band formation song ‘Do It Together (First Timers)’ opens the collection, the calm intro soon noises-up then it is straight into excellent prereleased track ‘Bridges Go Burn’ with its tangled relationship descriptions.

The four-piece adeptly change time, tone and tempo and the double vocals overlap and interplay on ‘Jimnastics’ and the multi-sectioned ‘Sophomore Year’. The subtle and lovingly direct ‘Kissing You’ is an attractively sweet concoction and a highlight for all of its one minute twenty. ‘Wild Wild Westfield’ ambiguously salutes the shopping mall with a classic pop structure and a guitar line and chorus that drives the song along. ‘Muffy Plays Poker’ is compact yet anthemic and features a surprise lead guitar solo.

And much, much more, including the ominous sixties sounding chords that introduce the hairdressing as metaphor homage ‘Dyed and Gone to Hairven’ and the gently jazzy final track ‘Baby Needs a Breeze’, another gorgeous summery sound with the lingering images ‘….you’re a diamond, you’re a pearl…’.

The musical and lyrical ideas flow addictively and unstoppably on this succinctly brilliant set of songs…


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