Sunset Beach Hut : Twenty//25\\five, single released March 2020

Midlands quartet Sunset Beach Hut last recorded in 2018, with ‘Comfort’ and ‘Upside-Down’ hitting many critical radars and most noticeably the much-streamed ‘Bury’. This distinctive track was simultaneously haunting and soothing with a flowing and busy guitar line and relaxed counterpoint vocals.

They have continued to play live to an appreciative following and now the excellent new single ‘Twenty//25\\five’ arrives, hinting at a renewed flourishing for the band. On this enigmatically named and punctuated track the guitar has continued to glitter in the mix, floating amiably through the song with reassuring echo and melodic depth as the vocals by Aphra Smith beguile and intrigue – lyrically cryptic and melancholic (‘…I’m a glass of champ that’s lost its fizz, a half empty bottle when it comes down to it…’) but always returning to the chorus line ‘….I came to dance my thoughts away…. out of your spotlights….’.
The lo-fi creative animation of the video combines effectively with the song to become strangely uplifting and thought-provoking, as the bass and drums drive the rhythm along with a relaxing confidence until the abrupt end; the two minutes ten passes all too quickly…


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