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Tellison, Portland Arms, Cambridge, 28 March 2016

Power punk trio The Muncie Girls (from Exeter) have a lot going for them musically; the distinctive voice and fluid bass playing of Lande Hekt, a complete range of guitar parts from Dean McMullen and the dynamic drumming of Luke Ellis – a treat to see a drummer smash the kit with so much energy and plenty of more subtle flourishes too.

Showcasing songs from their debut album ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ (a reference to Sylvia Plath’s ‘Bell Jar’); ‘Respect’, ‘Gone With The Wind’ and ‘Learn In School’ are examples of hard-hitting lyrics with some sharp hooks. The final song ‘Gas Mark 4’ is a sad tale of desperation and a memorable end to the set.

Tellison return to Cambridge with their blend of tight semi-anthemic rock and lyrical intrigue. In an extensive and energetic set drawing mainly from their last two albums they showed their musical might; the sound quality and mix was excellent and the two guitars, drums and bass combine to make a formidable wall of sound. Lead singer Stephen Davidson keeps it all moving with some self-deprecating audience interaction before launching into another heartfelt vocal, also not forgetting second guitarist Peter Philips, lead voicing on ‘Collarbone’ and the pop-perfect ‘Boy’.

Towards the end of the set three consecutive songs sum up the band very well; the plaintive sadness of ‘Orion’ with its gentle beginning hijacked by the biggest noise guitars can make (a song inspired by walking down Mill Road in Cambridge Stephen tells us, I was thinking it was some classical odyssey?); ‘Letter To The Team…’, the acoustic tale of resignation that opens the last album ‘Hope Fading Nightly’ and finally all out rocker ‘Tact Is Dead’. A compelling triumvirate showing the many facets of a band who should definitely be reaching a wider audience..




Tellison, Corner House, Cambridge, 4 June 2015

It was time for the rockier side of Indie tonight at a packed and hot Corner House. First on were Goldblume, a Cambridge based trio, their ‘angsty rock’ featuring great interplay between guitar and punchy bass and compact, optimistic songs. Frontman Jethro built a good rapport with the audience, it was a strong opening to the show.
Accompanying Tellison on several dates this tour, quartet Bad Ideas from Lincoln are soon to record a third album. They have a fearsome and formidable sound, convincingly played, with lots of clever guitar touches. The pace and enthusiasm of their set did not relent and they were well received by the crowd.

Based in London, Tellison formed in 2003 are working on their third album, the follow-up to the highly regarded ‘The Wages of Fear’ from 2011.
They are definitely a compelling and interesting band, with their feet in many camps, from noisy anthemic rock to quirky or intellectual lyrical twists and musical turns. It was all on show tonight, I was very impressed.

‘Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart’ is a subtle song ‘..about falling in love with your dentist..’, representing their quieter side, while the more recent ‘Tact is Dead’ is a showstopper, with great descending guitar riff and the loudest grinding bass line I have heard for a while.

Singer Stephen Davidson has a dry humour and confident presence; he was surprised how comparatively quiet the Cambridge audience were but he decided it was because we were listening attentively. I think he was right, there certainly was plenty to take in and appreciate.

According to their website they are ‘…stepping up to take another swing at, if not the big time, at least the medium time…’
I look forward to the new album…